Broce Broom Sweepers

Power Equipment Company is the authorized Broce Broom sweeper dealer for Colorado offering sales and rentals from our Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction locations.

Broce Manufacturing Co. Inc. was established in 1961 and began producing and selling Broce Brooms as a commercial product. Since that time, it has become the largest and most accomplished manufacturer of the self-propelled rear engine hydrostatic drive sweeper in the world.

Broce is the industry leader and the first to include a fully enclosed cab with air conditioning for operator comfort. The unique water spray system and the capability of traveling at road speeds of 35 miles per hour have improved the productivity of the sweeper. 


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Model Brochure
CR-350 / RJT-350 RCT-350, KR-350 Sweeper
MK-1 Transfer Sweeper
BB-250-B / BB-250-C Sweeper

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